We’re moving? It’s rather complicated…

Due to the…um… unfortunate accident involving Gregory and Lulu, relations between the vampire community and the shapeshifters has grown rather tense?  Strained?

What rubbish!  The truth is those furballs want recompense for the “accident” even though Lulu participated of her own free will.  I mean, she actually recorded her permission.  But does that matter?

Apparently not.

Lulu says she changed her mind, that she did not mean to record her participation, that she is an innocent victim, a victim of circumstances, a young pup caught up trying to impress the older man…

“The lady doth protest too much, methinks”

So now those upstarts want payment in terms of our website.  Or name domain. You are el?

Ye gods!  My head hurts merely thinking about the situation.

So instead of being here, in this piece of non-existent space, The Vampire Handbook will move to a new, non-existent place that is not a real cloud in the actual sky.  Lucky for us, the fairies owe us a favor or three.  They created this new place, vampire.wegrok.net, where you will find The Vampire Handbook starting on Friday, August 24.

Though it might be there now.  According to Jennifer, all the older entries have been moved over.  At exactly midnight tonight, the werewolves take over.  I have no idea what will happen here, other than they agreed to leave up the “We’re leaving” message for a minimum of 60 days.  After that, who knows what the furballs will do.


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